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Lyndurst Meditation is a non-profit organization using a guided method of subtraction meditation to throw away stress, anxiety and negativity.  The human body acts like a camera that is constantly taking pictures of the world and storing them in our brain, thereby creating our own "mind world." The stress, anxiety and negativity are not caused by the world but rather caused by emotional attachments to pictures that we have stored in our brain.  We have a simple 7 step guided method of subtraction to achieve happiness and peace of mind through letting go of negative emotional attchments to the pictures.  Our subtraction method is being shared by 370 meditation centers worldwide, including 7 centers in new jersey and new york.  

Benefits of subtraction meditation include:

1) Guided sessions throughout each step

2) Improved energy circulation leads to better overall health

3) Become free from worry, stress and regret

4) Relationships become harmonious and free of conflicts

5) Mind becomes more positive as negative thinking recedes

6) Cluttered thoughts disappear and concentration improves

7) Sleep quality improves leading to a brighter face and smile

8) As self viewpoint expands, creativity and wisdom for living becomes the greatest

9) Become happier and more productive

10) Life becomes full of energy and confidence

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